Best Airtel DTH Recharge, Airtel DTH Plans & Packages 2020

Are you browsing the latest Airtel DTH recharge plans and packages?

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In this guide, we explained about the Airtel Digital TV recharge plans list. If you’re facing difficulty in choosing the best Airtel DTH recharge plans and packages in 2020, this guide will help you to find the best Airtel Digital TV recharge offers.

Airtel Dth Packages 2020

Have to look at the top best Airtel Dth packs 2020. If you are facing difficulties to choose the DTH plans at an affordable price.

You are in the right place. We prepared a list of Airtel DTH packs 2020. It might be helpful for you to choose the pack of Airtel DTH.

Airtel DTH Packs Under 199

DTH PacksChannelsPrices
BST Pack ROI Pack99₹153/month
BST Pack South Pack100₹153/month

Airtel DTH Packs Under 299

DTH PacksChannelsPrices
New Orissa SD Pack_New37₹200/month
New MAH SD Pack_New37₹206/month
New Kerala SD Pack_New47₹220/month
New WB SD Pack_New41₹220/month
Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack_New60₹240/month
Hindi Value Lite SD Pack_New68₹240/month
New MAH HD Pack_New37₹241/month
New WB HD Pack_New41₹244/month
Hindi Value Lite SD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New80₹254/month
Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New80₹254/month
WB Value Lite SD Pack_New68₹272/month
New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New65₹273/month
Kerala Value Lite SD Pack_New62₹275/month
TN Value Lite SD Pack_New77₹275/month
Orissa Value Lite SD Pack_New70₹275/month
New Kerala HD Pack_New47₹277/month
New AP SD plus Pack_New66₹279/month
Dabang SD Pack_New92₹280/month
Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack_New78₹285/month
Gujarat Value Lite HD Pack_New64₹286/month
New Karnataka HD Pack_New60₹289/month
Dabang Sports 1 M pack94₹290/month
Guj Dabang Sports 1 M pack84₹290/month
Marathi Dabang Sports 1 M pack81₹290/month
WB Dabang Sports 1 M pack82₹290/month
Gujarat Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New81₹291/month
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New81₹291/month
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack_New73₹292/month
AP Value Lite SD Pack_New69₹293/month
Oriya Dabang Sports 1 M pack82₹295/month
New TN HD Pack_New60₹295/month
MAH Value Lite SD Pack_New86₹295/month

Airtel DTH Packs Under 399

DTH PacksChannelsPrices
Kerala Value Lite HD Pack_New59₹324/month
Hindi Value Sports lite Pack_New105₹332/month
WB Value Sports lite Pack_New102₹332/month
Orissa Value Sports SD Pack_New102₹333/month
Kerala Value Plus SD Pack_New85₹333/month
AP Value Lite HD Pack_New69₹333/month
MAH Value Sports lite Pack_New101₹335/month
Gujarat Value Sports SD Pack_New105₹336/month
TN Value Sports SD Pack_New93₹340/month
Karnataka Value Plus SD Pack_New106₹343/month
AP Value Plus SD Pack_New99₹350/month
WB Value Lite HD Pack_New71₹350/month
Orissa Value Lite HD Pack_New72₹351/month
Hindi Value Sports SD Pack_New112₹353/month
MAH Value Sports SD plus Pack_New107₹353/month
WB Value Sports SD plus Pack_New108₹353/month
Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack90₹360/month
Guj Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack88₹360/month
Marathi Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack83₹360/month
Oriya Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack84₹360/month
WB Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack83₹360/month
MAH Value Lite HD Pack_New84₹360/month
Freedom Entertainment HD Pack102₹360/month
Karnataka Value Lite HD Pack_New78₹361/month
Dabang HD Pack_New99₹366/month
Karnataka Value Sports SD Pack_New109₹382/month
TN Value Lite HD Pack_New77₹385/month
AP Value Sports SD Pack_New104₹390/month
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Oriya102₹399/month

Airtel DTH Packs Under 499

DTH PacksChannelsPrices
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Guj109₹411/month
Kerala Value Plus HD Pack_New85₹416/month
Karnataka Value Plus HD Pack_New89₹422/month
Freedom Sports & Kids HD pack114₹426/month
TN My Family SD Pack_New116₹429/month
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_WB111₹429/month
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Mah109₹432/month
MAH My Family SD Pack_New126₹437/month
Kerala Mega SD Pack_New 111₹437/month
Gujarat My Family SD Pack_New129₹437/month
WB My Family SD Pack_New122₹437/month
Orissa My Family SD Pack_New 127₹450/month
Karnataka My Family SD Pack_New117₹451/month
Hindi My Family SD Pack_New138₹452/month
Gujarat Value Sports HD Pack_New112₹457/month
Orissa Value Sports HD Pack_New104₹465/month
TN Mega SD Pack_New133₹468/month
AP Value Plus HD Pack_New101₹475/month
AP My Family SD Pack_New129₹475/month
Karnataka Mega SD Pack_New134₹476/month
TN Value Sports HD Pack_New90₹477/month
WB Value Sports HD Pack_New115₹478/month
Hindi Value Sports lite HD Pack_New115₹484/month
Hindi Mega SD Pack_New146₹489/month
MAH Mega SD Pack_New148₹489/month
WB Mega SD Pack_New142₹489/month
Gujarat Mega SD Pack_New151₹489/month
MAH Value Sports HD Pack_New111₹490/month
Hindi Value Sports HD Pack_New119₹496/month
AP Mega SD Pack_New135₹498/month

Airtel DTH Packs Under 599

DTH PacksChannelsPrices
TN My Family HD Pack_New109₹505/month
Orissa Mega SD Pack_New149₹507/month
Kerala Mega HD Pack_New116₹523/month
Hindi My Family HD Pack_New134₹524/month
Karnataka My Family HD Pack_New116₹548/month
Gujarat My Family HD Pack_New134₹550/month
WB My Family HD Pack_New126₹562/month
MAH My Family HD Pack_New 123₹570/month
Orissa My Family HD Pack_New132₹574/month
AP My Family HD Pack_New128₹588/month

Airtel DTH Packs Above 600

DTH PacksChannelsPrices
TN Mega HD Pack_New136₹614/month
Karnataka Mega HD Pack_New140₹622/month
Hindi Mega HD Pack_New154₹630/month
Gujarat Mega HD Pack_New159₹630/month
WB Mega HD Pack_New149₹642/month
AP Mega HD Pack_New141₹650/month
MAH Mega HD Pack_New156₹654/month
Orissa Mega HD Pack_New157₹654/month
All channels 1 M pack253₹1675/month

Airtel DTH Plan 2020

If you are looking to recharge a new Airtel Dth plan at competitive prices in India, then You can renew your dish tv monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual basis.

You can customize DTH plans every month according to your entertainment and also change your packs according to your region.

Airtel DTH Online Recharge 2020

Airtel DTH online recharge facility provides to its customers, which is free at your convenience.

Now, you no longer need to go to the recharge shop to buy an Airtel DTH recharge code. Airtel DTH online recharge service saved both the time and money.

You can recharge your Airtel DTH online by using Airtel official website as well as Paytm, Phonepe, Google pay, and Bhim app from anywhere and anytime.

How to Know Airtel DTH Recharge Offers 2020?

If you know the best Airtel Dth recharge offers to give a missed call on 8130281302 from your registered mobile number.

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