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In this tutorial, we will explain all about the BSNL Customer Care numbers, complaint number, helpline number, and BSNL toll free numbers in India.

BSNL also provides toll-free numbers for its customers to call upon. These are accessible via your local network, and you can easily call upon them to get some kind of help or support. Again, this is not an option for all BSNL customers, as most of these services are for BSNL users only.

What is BSNL?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the leading telecom companies in India, one of the top three providers of broadband and wireless telephony. The company was set up in India to make life more convenient by providing various telecom services such as phones, broadband internet, voice calls, fax, and data service.

BSNL has been the leader in India for over a decade. They offer wireless broadband services, broadband internet services, voice services, fax services, and data services. All the services are free for new users as well as users who have a BSNL account.

One of the features of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is that they offer different plans for all age groups. They are popular among students, young professionals, and seniors. 

BSNL company offers excellent telephone services, and one can receive free calls with unlimited talk time. Some of the best quality phone calls are available free with the BSNL SIM.

BSNL Offers

BSNL offers free voice calls with the usage of BSNL Mobile Calling Cards. While the credit balance remains high, the number of calls goes down. BSNL also provides very cheap monthly subscription deals.

BSNL offers several free phone services with BSNL SIM cards. These include free long-distance calling, free on-net minutes, free for minutes, free-roaming calling, and other free services. With this free offer, one can save a considerable amount of money from the phone bill.

BSNL also offers money-saving deals for people who are new to mobile phone services. One can get free calls while making international calls to all destinations, including the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, and Singapore. The users can also enjoy special discounts if they subscribe to BSNL 2G and 3G.

BSNL also offers free internet service. With this free service, one can surf the net and see how internet service works. This will give one an idea of how much difference it can make when making long-distance calls.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited offers the best service and the best telecommunication experience. People can get affordable, free, quality phone calls and enjoy the fun of surfing the internet with BSNL and free voice calls.

BSNL customer care centers to help customers if they need any kind of help from the concerned experts. You can directly reach out to a toll-free phone hotline. Here are a few different ways to get help from a BSNL customer care expert.

What is BSNL customer care number?

  • BSNL Customer Care number – 18001801503

What is BSNL Complaint Number?

  • BSNL Complaint Number – 198

BSNL Helpline Numbers

BSNL Customer Care number18001801503
BSNL Landline Call Center Number1500
WLL/WiMax Call Center Number1502
BSNL Mobile Network Issue Helpline Number1503
BSNL Broadband Helpline Number1504
BSNL MPLS VPN Help Desk Number18004251957

BSNL Toll Free Numbers

Kisan Call Center (for any queries related to agriculture)1551
Billing complaint center166 / 1660-69
Trunk booking1580
Trunk assistance1581
STD complaints1582
National Directory Enquiry (NDQ) Service1583
International trunk booking1586
International trunk enquiry1587
International Trunk delay information1588
Telex complaints1589
Directory enquiry service197
Telephone Complaint Booking198
Free Phone Enquiry1600
India Telephone Card Enquiry1602
Leased Circuits Fault Booking1918
Sancharnet Internet Help desk service1957
Leased Circuit Fault Booking (WTR)1958

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