How to block Jio sim card permanently when mobile is lost?

Some people don’t take it seriously even after their sim card is lost. If the sim card in the wrong hand, then the sim card owner faces great difficulty. When you lose your sim card, the first necessary step is deactivate your sim card. In this article, we explain how to block jio sim card permanently.

Even after you don’t want to use the Jio sim number, don’t throw it in the open? You have destroyed into a two-piece and burnt the Jio sim card in front of your eyes. Then, you are safe, and if you lost your Jio sim, you could face difficulties in the future. Someone may use your Jio number for doing illegal activities.

How to block Jio sim card?

You should call Jio customer care number on 199 from Jio number or 18008899999 from any other number for deactivating the Jio sim process. You can request the Jio care team to deactivate your Jio sim or block sim number so that someone cannot use your number for misuse. You can also write an email to the Jio customer care email id at [email protected].

You can block your Jio sim number after visiting the nearest Jio store.