Best Sun Direct Recharge Plans, Packages, Offers 2021

Sun Direct provides the best DTH recharge plans at a low cost with both SD and HD packages across India compared to Airtel Dish TV, Tata Sky, and Dish TV. But it is not easy for a user to choose the best Sun Direct recharge plan in 2021. We prepared all types of Sun Direct packages and channel lists. This list will definitely help you to choose the best value pack of sun direct. 

Sun Direct is one of the fastest-growing and best dth service providers in India. Sun Direct launched its satellite Dth services in December 2007. Sun Direct is the first dth service provider who adopted advanced MPEG-4 technology for better signal quality. Sun TV also offered HD content that changed the whole tv viewing experience.

Sun Direct gives the best deals and offers on the recharge to its user. If you recharge your sun tv pack on Sun Direct official website or sun direct mobile app. Then you will get an instant cashback offer from Sun Direct dth.

You can download the Sun Direct mobile app on the Play Store. You can also recharge your Sun Direct plans online on the Paytm app, Freecharge, Phonepe, Google pay anywhere or anytime.

Find the latest Sun Direct recharge plans, packages, and offers 2021. Therein you can choose your Sun Direct recharge packs according to their budget and watch Sun tv without hindrance.

Sun Direct Recharge Plans 2021

Sun Direct offers various types of recharge plans for its users. A user can choose an affordable plan in the Sun Direct Dth tv. Sun direct monthly recharge plan and Sun Direct Add on packages are available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Marathi.

Get the latest information about best sun direct packages and channel list and prices 2021, i.e. Sun Direct Hindi Pack, Sun Direct Tamil Pack, Sun Direct Telugu Pack, Sun Direct Kannada, Sun Direct Malayalam, Sun Direct Bengali Pack, and Sun Direct Marathi Pack, and various addon package list.

Here is a list of the best sun direct packages and channel list with prices 2021.

Sun Direct Recharge Plans for 1 month

Sun Direct Rest of India Plan

Sun Direct Rest of India PacksMonthly
ROI DPO 1ARs. 161.02
ROI DPO 2Rs. 205.08
ROI HD A1Rs. 243.22

Sun Direct Tamil Recharge Plan

Sun Direct Tamil PacksMonthly
TAMIL DPO 1 Rs.118.64
TAMIL DPO 2Rs. 144.92
TAMIL DPO 2ARs. 176.27
TAMIL DPO 3 Rs. 247.46
TAMIL HD A1Rs. 160.17
TAMIL HD A2 Rs. 245.76

Sun Direct Telugu Recharge Plan 

Sun Direct Telugu PacksMonthly
TELUGU DPO 1Rs. 140.68
TELUGU DPO 2 Rs. 199.15
TELUGU DPO 2ARs. 220.34 
TELUGU DPO 3Rs. 271.19
TELUGU HD A1Rs. 193.22
TELUGU HD A2 Rs. 277.97

Sun Direct Kannada Recharge Plan

Sun Direct Kannada PacksMonthly
KANNADA DPO 1 Rs. 136.44
KANNADA DPO 2Rs. 185.59
KANNADA DPO 3Rs. 253.39
KANNADA HD A1Rs. 170.34
KANNADA HD A2Rs. 261.02

Sun Direct Malayalam Recharge Plan

Sun Direct Malayalam PacksMonthly
MALAYALAM DPO 1 Rs. 135.59

Sun Direct Bengali Recharge Plan

Sun Direct Bengali PacksMonthly
BENGALI DPO 1Rs. 117.8
BENGALI DPO 2Rs. 167.8
BENGALI DPO 2A Rs. 211.86
BENGALI DPO 3Rs. 288.14
BENGALI HD A1Rs. 238.14

Sun Direct Marathi Recharge Plan

Sun Direct Marathi PacksMonthly
MARATHI DPO 1Rs. 127.12
MARATHI DPO 1ARs. 165.25
MARATHI DPO 1ARs. 165.25
MARATHI DPO 3Rs. 266.95
MARATHI HD A1Rs. 246.61

Sun Direct Odia Recharge Plan

Sun Direct Odia PacksMonthly
Odia DPO 1 Rs. 116.95
ODIA DPO 1ARs. 142.37
ODIA DPO 2Rs. 183.9 
ODIA DPO 3Rs. 297.46

Sun Direct recharge plans for 3 month

Sun Direct recharge plan for 3 month is available in the various recharge packs to the users. You can avail exciting offers and deals on your sun direct recharge for three months and save money. Hence, three month recharge plans are highly liked by the sun direct users.

Sun Direct PackagesValidityPrice
ROI DPO 1A90 daysRs. 505.20
ROI DPO 290 daysRs. 477.59
ROI HD A190 daysRs. 706.08
TAMIL DPO 190 daysRs. 345.60
TAMIL DPO 290 daysRs. 505.19
TAMIL DPO 2A90 daysRs. 586.32
TAMIL DPO 390 daysRs. 707.04
TAMIL HD A190 daysRs. 426.00
TAMIL HD A290 daysRs. 670.08
TELUGU DPO 1 90 daysRs. 405.59
TELUGU DPO 290 daysRs. 622.79
TELUGU DPO 2A90 daysRs. 701.52
TELUGU DPO 390 daysRs. 833.75
TELUGU HD A190 daysRs. 591.59
TELUGU HD A290 daysRs. 862.08
KANNADA DPO 190 daysRs. 376.80
KANNADA DPO 290 daysRs. 603.12
KANNADA DPO 390 daysRs. 716.40
KANNADA HD A1 90 daysRs. 490.79
KANNADA HD A290 daysRs. 751.68
MALAYALAM DPO 190 daysRs. 381.84
MALAYALAM DPO 290 daysRs. 581.76
MALAYALAM DPO 390 daysRs. 781.20
MALAYALAM HD A190 daysRs. 469.20
MALAYALAM HD A290 daysRs. 749.52
BENGALI DPO 190 daysRs. 404.63
BENGALI DPO 290 daysRs. 509.04
BENGALI DPO 2A90 daysRs. 656.87
BENGALI DPO 390 daysRs. 288.14
BENGALI HD A1 90 daysRs. 558.47
MARATHI DPO 1 90 daysRs. 324.71
MARATHI DPO 1A90 daysRs. 443.51
MARATHI DPO 1A90 daysRs. 443.51
MARATHI HD A190 daysRs. 561.12
Odia DPO 190 daysRs. 358.79
ODIA DPO 1A90 daysRs. 488.39
ODIA DPO 2 90 daysRs. 579.59

Sun Direct recharge plans for 6 month

Sun Direct recharge offers are available for six months to its users. If you are a Sun Direct customer, then six-month recharge plans are perfect for you. It is no matter what sun dth plan is activated on your set-top box. You can recharge your current pack for the validity of six months with an exciting cashback offer.

You can know from the sun direct customer care team the latest exciting Sun Direct recharge offers for six months are running before recharge for six months. Sun direct recharge offers for six months plans is highly recommended among sun tv users.

Sun Direct PackagesValidityPrices
ROI HD A1180 daysRs. 1412.16
TAMIL DPO 1180 daysRs. 691.19
TAMIL DPO 2180 daysRs. 1010.39
TAMIL DPO 2A180 daysRs. 1172.64
TAMIL DPO 3180 daysRs. 1414.08
TAMIL HD A1 180 daysRs. 852.00
TAMIL HD A2180 daysRs. 1340.16
TELUGU DPO 1180 daysRs. 811.20
TELUGU DPO 2180 daysRs. 1245.59
TELUGU DPO 2A180 daysRs. 1403.03
TELUGU HD A1180 daysRs. 1183.19
TELUGU HD A2180 daysRs. 1724.16
KANNADA DPO 1180 daysRs. 753.60
KANNADA DPO 2180 daysRs. 1205.99
KANNADA HD A1180 daysRs. 981.59
KANNADA HD A2180 daysRs. 1503.76
MALAYALAM DPO 1180 daysRs. 763.67
MALAYALAM DPO 2 180 daysRs. 1163.52
MALAYALAM HD A1180 daysRs. 938.40
MALAYALAM HD A2 180 daysRs. 1499.04
BENGALI DPO 1180 daysRs. 809.27
BENGALI HD A1180 daysRs. 1116.95
MARATHI DPO 1180 daysRs. 649.43
MARATHI DPO 1180 daysRs. 887.03 
MARATHI DPO 1A180 daysRs. 887.03
MARATHI HD A1180 daysRs. 1122.23
ODIA DPO 1A180 daysRs. 976.79

Sun Direct DTH Bouquet Packs

DTH BouquetsChannelsPrices
English Jodi Pack15 Channels₹101.69/month
Hindi Jodi Pack10 Channels₹92.37/month
Hindi Movie Jodi Pack14 Channels₹46.61/month
Kannada Jodi Pack9 Channels₹50.85/month
Malayalam Jodi Pack8 Channels₹38.14/month
Odia Jodi Pack8 Channels₹41.53/month
Tamil Jodi Pack12 Channels₹42.37/month
Telugu Jodi Pack15 Channels₹66.95/month
Bengali Jodi Pack8 Channels₹50/month
Kids Jodi Pack8 Channels₹25.42/month
Marathi Jodi Pack8 Channels₹43.22/month
HD English GEC Combo Pack7 Channels₹55.08/month
HD English Movies Combo Pack11 Channels₹131.36/month
HD Hindi GEC Combo Pack10 Channels₹148.31/month
HD Hindi Movies Combo Pack6 Channels₹80.51/month
HD Infotainment Combo Pack10 Channels₹46.61/month
HD Telugu Kannada Combo Pack10 Channels₹156.78/month
HD Tamil Telugu Combo Pack11 Channels₹182.2/month
HD Tamil Malayalam Combo Pack6 Channels₹97.46/month
HD South Combo Pack14 Channels₹216.1/month
HD Sports Combo Pack9 Channels₹122.03/month

Sun Direct Broadcasters list

Sun TV Networks, Indiacast Distribution, Sony Pictures Networks India, Star India, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, Discovery Communications India, Bennet Coleman & Co, Turner International India, Eenadu Television, Mavis Satcom, Odisha Television Network, New Delhi Television, ABP News Network Limited, TV Today Network Limited, Other Networks

Sun Direct Ala-Carte list

Bengali A-La-Carte, Bhojpuri A-La-Carte, Devotional A-La-Carte, English A-La-Carte, Gujarati A-La-Carte, Hindi A-La-Carte, Infotainment A-La-Carte, Kannada A-La-Carte, Kids A-La-Carte, Malayalam A-La-Carte, Marathi A-La-Carte, News A-La-Carte, Odia A-La-Carte, Punjabi A-La-Carte, Sports A-La-Carte, Tamil A-La-Carte, Telugu A-La-Carte, HD Channels A-La-Carte, Nepali A-La-Carte, Assamese A-La-Carte, Urdu A-La-Carte

Sun Direct Cash Back Offers

Sun Direct gives you the best deals and offers on recharge. When you recharge your Sun Direct plans then you will get an amazing cash back offer. This offer is applicable only for online recharge through and Sun Direct mobile app.

Sun Direct Recharge Offers
  • Recharge with Rs. 500/- and above GET Rs. 20/- cash back
  • Recharge with Rs. 1000/- and above GET Rs. 50/- cash back
  • Recharge with Rs. 2000/- and above GET Rs. 100/- cash back
  • Recharge with Rs. 3000/- and above GET Rs. 150/- cash back

Sun Direct Customer Care Number

  • Sun Direct customer care number – 18001037575
  • Sun Direct toll free number – 18001237575
  • Sun Direct 24×7 helpline number – 7601012345
  • Sun Direct missed call number – 7094012345
  • Sun Direct DTH Email – [email protected]

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How to check sun direct balance online?

You can check your sun direct account balance by pressing the info button on the remote. Go to the sun direct official website or mobile app, log in with username and password, and check your account balance and validity.

How to change mobile number in sun direct?

  • Visit sun direct website and login with RMN/SMC Number
  • Go to the menu button on the top right corner then select my profile
  • Enter your password number and then submit button
  • Click on the change mobile number button
  • Enter your new mobile number and password then submit

How to change the subscription pack in sun direct?

  • Go to sun direct website
  • Login with registered mobile and generate OTP then verify
  • Click to the subscription pack and change it of your choice
  • Tick for accept agree to terms and conditions and then proceed button
  • Now your new sun direct pack will be activated

How to add an extra channel in sun direct dth?

  • You can add a channel in your sun direct pack through SMS from your registered mobile number. 
  • For Broadcaster Bouquet SMS ADDON <SMC Number or CDSN Number> to 9600058585 or 58585
  • For A-La-Carte send SMS ALACARTE <SMC Number or CDSN Number> to 9600058585 or 58585

How to refresh sun direct dth?

You can give missed call on sun direct number 7094012345. You will get a call back from sun direct customer care and request refresh sun direct.

How to check sun direct balance through mobile?

To get sun direct account balance through SMS on your mobile. You can send SMS BV <Your Smart Card Number> to 58585 from your registered mobile number.

How to upgrade sun direct sd to hd?

You can upgrade your sun direct set-top box with the advanced facility. You can call the sun direct customer care helpline no. 7601012345 and make a request to elevate your set-top box or visit sun direct dealer retailer shop.

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