Best Tata Sky Recharge Plans, Packages, Offers

Tata Sky is an Indian direct-to-home broadcast satellite dth service provider. Tata sky is a joint venture of Tata Groups and Twenty First Century Fox owned by The Walt Disney Company. Tata Sky launched in 2006 with multiple Tata Sky Recharge plans, packages, and offer services in India.

Tata Sky provides a platform for content distribution of TV and OTT services. This dth provider uses MPEG-4 digital compression technology, transmitting using INSAT-4A and GSAT-10 satellite signal quality.

Tata Sky offers more than 601 tv channels with a combination of SD and HD channels. Tata sky also providing other active services like Tata Sky Fun Learn, Tata Sky Smart Games, Tata Sky Vedic Maths, Tata Sky English, Tata Sky Cooking, Tata Sky Smart Manager, Classroom, Tata Sky Javed Akhtar, Music+, Tata Sky Devotion, Tata Sky Darshan, Comedy, Tata Sky Music, Tata Sky Fitness, and Dance Studio.

Tata Sky Recharge Plans, Packs, Offers

You can find the Tata Sky recharge plans, Tata Sky recharge pack with a prices list. You can recharge your Tata Sky dth plan online anytime or anywhere to enjoy new channels, great benefits, amazing discounts, and much more facilities.

This post will also find question answers related to the Tata Sky best recharge plans, Tata Sky packages, Tata Sky online recharge offers, and details of Tata Sky regional channel packages.

Tata Sky brings more flexibility in choosing Tata Sky packages as you want to watch. You can select your favorite channel pack for better entertainment for you and your family at affordable prices.

Tata Sky recharge plans for one month

Tata Sky recharge plansValidityPrice
Tata Sky Hindi Bachat New30 Days₹46.94
Tata Sky Hindi Starter HD30 Days₹109.38
Tata Sky Hindi Smart New30 Days₹137.13
Tata Sky Hindi Lite New30 Days₹179.72
Tata Sky Hindi Lite HD New30 Days₹293.52
Tata Sky Hindi Basic30 Days₹190.57
Tata Sky Hindi Basic HD30 Days₹308.92
Tata Sky Family Kids30 Days₹216.23
Tata Sky Family Kids HD30 Days₹342.84
Tata Sky Family Sports30 Days₹298.89
Tata Sky Family Sports HD30 Days₹441.43
Tata Sky Family Kids Sports30 Days₹307.32
Tata Sky Family Kids Sports HD30 Days₹449.98
Tata Sky Premium Sports English30 Days₹327.91
Tata Sky Premium Sports English HD30 Days₹488.28

Tata Sky brings more flexibility dth packages for you want to watch. You can choose your Tata Sky pack from a variety of Curated Packs, Regional Packs, Add-On Packs, and Tata Sky Services. Or you can choose from any of the Broadcaster Packs or Channels to make your own pack.

Tata Sky regional packs list

Tata Sky packsValidityPrice
Tata Sky Gujarati Regional30 Days₹8.49
Tata Sky Odia Regional30 Days₹47.79
Tata Sky Bengali Regional Mini30 Days₹42.71
Tata Sky Bengali Regional Mini HD30 Days₹66.31
Tata Sky Bengali Regional30 Days₹67.49
Tata Sky Bengali Regional HD30 Days₹91.09
Tata Sky Marathi Regional Mini30 Days₹45.07
Tata Sky Marathi Regional Mini HD30 Days₹60.41
Tata Sky Marathi Regional30 Days₹53.33
Tata Sky Marathi Regional HD30 Days₹88.73
Tata Sky Malayalam Regional Mini30 Days₹54.51
Tata Sky Malayalam Regional Mini HD30 Days₹72.09
Tata Sky Malayalam Regional30 Days₹69.85
Tata Sky Malayalam Regional HD30 Days₹90.97
Tata Sky Tamil Regional Mini30 Days₹70.32
Tata Sky Tamil Regional Mini HD30 Days₹80.94
Tata Sky Tamil Regional30 Days₹109.84
Tata Sky Tamil Regional HD30 Days₹161.76
Tata Sky Kannada Regional Mini30 Days₹86.25
Tata Sky Kannada Regional Mini HD30 Days₹88.61
Tata Sky Kannada Regional30 Days₹114.57
Tata Sky Kannada Regional HD30 Days₹138.17
Tata Sky Telugu Regional Mini30 Days₹87.32
Tata Sky Telugu Regional Mini HD30 Days₹89.68
Tata Sky Telugu Regional30 Days₹135.70
Tata Sky Telugu Regional HD30 Days₹215.94

Tata Sky mini pack channel list

Tata Sky mini packsValidityPrice
Tata Sky Hindi News30 Days₹3.54
Tata Sky Music30 Days₹5.55
Tata Sky Music HD30 Days₹10.15
Tata Sky English News30 Days₹21.83
Tata Sky Knowledge & Lifestyle Mini30 Days₹21.24
Tata Sky Knowledge and Lifestyle Mini HD30 Days₹53.10
Tata Sky Knowledge & Lifestyle30 Days₹33.63
Tata Sky Knowledge and Lifestyle HD30 Days₹82.01
Tata Sky Kids Mini30 Days₹28.61
Tata Sky Kids30 Days₹35.69
Tata Sky Kids HD30 Days₹47.49
Tata Sky Kids Mini HD30 Days₹39.23

Tata Sky sports add on packs

Tata Sky sports packsValidityPrice
Tata Sky Sports30 Days₹136.05
Tata Sky Sports HD30 Days₹175.58
Tata Sky Cricket Hindi30 Days₹42.48
Tata Sky Cricket Hindi HD30 Days₹42.48
Tata Sky Cricket English30 Days₹44.84
Tata Sky Cricket English HD30 Days₹44.84

Tata Sky Movie packs

Tata Sky movie packsValidityPrice
Tata Sky English Movies Mini30 Days₹55.46
Tata Sky English Movies Mini HD30 Days₹76.70
Tata Sky Hindi Movies Mini30 Days₹57.34
Tata Sky Hindi Movies Mini HD30 Days₹69.15
Tata Sky English Movies30 Days₹69.62
Tata Sky English Movies HD30 Days₹143.96
Tata Sky Hindi Movies30 Days₹77.40
Tata Sky Hindi Movies HD30 Days₹115.17
Tata Sky English Combo30 Days₹78.82
Tata Sky English Combo HD30 Days₹134.04
Tata Sky English Entertainment30 Days₹38.94
Tata Sky English Entertainment HD30 Days₹79.06
Tata Sky Hindi Entertainment Mini30 Days₹95.81
Tata Sky Hindi Entertainment Mini HD30 Days₹95.82

You should only pay for your Tata Sky channels you want to watch. You can also find all the Tata Sky packs, plans, and packages available over India. To enjoy uninterrupted television, you will recharge your Tata Sky pack.

Tata Sky Broadcaster Packs

Zee Broadcaster packs, Star Broadcaster packs, TV 18 Broadcaster packs, Sun Broadcaster packs, Sony Broadcaster packs, Discovery Broadcaster packs, Raj TV Broadcaster packs, Disney Broadcaster packs, and Other Broadcaster packs

Tata Sky Active Services

Tata Sky Ibaadat, Tata Sky Aradhana, Tata Sky Bhojpuri Cinema, Tata Sky Tamil Cinema, Tata Sky Telugu Cinema, Tata Sky Family Health, Tata Sky Theatre
Tata Sky World Screen, Tata Sky Marathi Cinema, Tata Sky Beauty, Tata Sky Classic Cinema, Tata Sky Acting Adda, Tata Sky Punjab De Rang, Tata Sky Bangla Cinema, Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere, Tata Sky Dance Studio, Tata Sky Music+, Tata Sky Classroom, Tata Sky Comedy, Tata Sky Fitness, Tata Sky Smart Manager, Tata Sky Javed Akhtar, Tata Sky Zeetos Rewards, Tata Sky Vedic Maths, Tata Sky Smart Games, Tata Sky Music, Tata Sky Fun Learn, Tata Sky English, Tata Sky Darshan, Tata Sky Cooking

Tata Sky Recharge Offers

  • You can get up to ₹2500 cashback voucher on recharge of ₹149 or more on the successful transaction through Tata Sky App or website and paid using Paytm wallet.
  • You can get a cashback of 15% up to ₹75 with a minimum recharge of ₹400 or more when doing recharge with PayZapp through Tata Sky App or website.
  • Get guaranteed ₹50 cashback in the form of a gift on Tata Sky recharge with the minimum recharge of ₹300 or more through the Tata Sky website or app using the freecharge wallet option.
  • Get guaranteed ₹75 cash back with a minimum recharge of ₹349 or more on the first LazyPay transaction of the Tata Sky website or app.
  • You can also avail one-month cashback with a minimum recharge of 12 months Tata Sky account. When recharge can be done, any payment option supported by Tata Sky.

If you want to recharge your Tata Sky to get cashback, read terms and conditions on Tata Sky.

Tata Sky customer care numbers

  • Tata Sky Customer Care 18602086633
  • Tata Sky Customer Care Helpline Number 18601206633
  • Tata Sky Customer Care Toll Free Number 18002086633
  • Tata Sky Customer Care Phone Number 18605006633
  • Tata Sky Recharge Number 9283692836 (Give a missed call)
  • Tata Sky Booking Number 07411774117 (Give a missed call)
  • Tata Sky Email ID [email protected] 
  • TataSky Website

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How To Recharge Tata Sky Through SMS

You can also recharge your Tata Sky by sending SMS to 9222208888 from your registered mobile number. This service is available only to ICICI account holders.

If you have an ICICI account, then write an SMS in the message box of your mobile like DTH <space> Subscriber ID <space> tatasky <space> Amount <space> Last 6 digits of your ICICI bank account number.