Best Videocon D2h Recharge Plans, Packages, Offers

Videocon dth provides various types of recharge plans in dth combo packs for its customers. This combo pack covers dual-language packs, regional packs, one national pack, and introductory packs. Every videocon dth combo pack is mixed up SD and HD channels. You can choose videocon d2h recharge plans on the right way and enjoy uninterrupted dth service at the lowest price.

Videocon d2h is India’s fastest-growing direct to home service provider. Videocon dth will give you a wide range of combo packs as compared to cable connection. You have more options of paying for the channels you will watch, which is not available with a cable connection.

Videocon d2h offers various recharge plans for its customers, which creates confusion for d2h subscribers which videocon d2h recharge plans are best for you. Most of d2h subscriber recommended watching combos for its entertainment.

If you are a videocon d2h subscriber and find the best d2h recharge plan. We prepared the videocon d2h recharge plans with a channel list. This list will help you to find the best dth recharge plans according to your interest at the low monthly budget.

Videocon d2h recharge plans for one month

Videocon d2h recharge packsValidityPrice
D2h all in one English Combo30 Days146.98
D2h all in one English Combo HD30 Days241.20
D2h Celebration Combo HD30 Days206.24
D2h Diamond Combo30 Days186.55
D2h Diamond Combo HD 30 Days305.45
D2h Diamond Kids Combo30 Days165.53
D2h Diamond Kids Combo HD30 Days259.55
D2h Diamond Sports Combo30 Days222.55
D2h Diamond Sports Combo HD30 Days323.70
D2h Gold Combo30 Days130.75
D2h Gold Combo HD30 Days200.20
D2h Platinum Combo30 Days286.05
D2h Platinum Combo HD30 Days421.20
D2h Silver Combo New30 Days68.10
D2h Silver Combo New HD30 Days80.10
D2h Silver Plus Combo30 Days94.55
D2h Silver Plus Combo HD 30 Days145.35

Videocon d2h recharge plans for 3 months

Videocon d2h recharge packsValidityPrice
D2h all in one English Combo90 Days440.94
D2h all in one English Combo HD90 Days723.60
D2h Celebration Combo HD90 Days618.72
D2h Diamond Combo90 Days559.65
D2h Diamond Combo HD 90 Days916.35
D2h Diamond Kids Combo90 Days496.59
D2h Diamond Kids Combo HD90 Days778.65
D2h Diamond Sports Combo90 Days667.65
D2h Diamond Sports Combo HD90 Days971.10
D2h Gold Combo90 Days392.25
D2h Gold Combo HD90 Days600.60
D2h Platinum Combo90 Days858.15
D2h Platinum Combo HD90 Days1263.60
D2h Silver Combo New90 Days204.30
D2h Silver Combo New HD90 Days240.30
D2h Silver Plus Combo90 Days283.65
D2h Silver Plus Combo HD 90 Days436.05

Videocon d2h recharge plans for 6 months

Videocon d2h recharge packsValidityPrice
D2h all in one English Combo180 Days881.88
D2h all in one English Combo HD180 Days1447.20
D2h Celebration Combo HD180 Days1237.44
D2h Diamond Combo180 Days1119.30
D2h Diamond Combo HD 180 Days1832.70
D2h Diamond Kids Combo180 Days993.18
D2h Diamond Kids Combo HD180 Days1557.30
D2h Diamond Sports Combo180 Days1335.30
D2h Diamond Sports Combo HD180 Days1942.20
D2h Gold Combo180 Days784.50
D2h Gold Combo HD180 Days1201.20
D2h Platinum Combo180 Days1716.30
D2h Platinum Combo HD180 Days2527.20
D2h Silver Combo New180 Days408.60
D2h Silver Combo New HD180 Days480.60
D2h Silver Plus Combo180 Days567.30
D2h Silver Plus Combo HD 180 Days872.10

Videocon d2h recharge plans for one year

Videocon d2h recharge packsValidityPrice
D2h all in one English Combo365 Days1763.76
D2h all in one English Combo HD365 Days2894.40
D2h Celebration Combo HD365 Days2474.88
D2h Diamond Combo365 Days2238.60
D2h Diamond Combo HD 365 Days3665.40
D2h Diamond Kids Combo365 Days1986.36
D2h Diamond Kids Combo HD365 Days3114.60
D2h Diamond Sports Combo365 Days2670.60
D2h Diamond Sports Combo HD365 Days3884.40
D2h Gold Combo365 Days1569.00
D2h Gold Combo HD365 Days2402.40
D2h Platinum Combo365 Days3432.60
D2h Platinum Combo HD365 Days5054.40
D2h Silver Combo New365 Days817.20
D2h Silver Combo New HD365 Days961.20
D2h Silver Plus Combo365 Days1134.60
D2h Silver Plus Combo HD 365 Days1744.20

Videocon d2h active services list

  • Videocon d2h Kids Active Toons
  • Videocon d2h Bhakti Active
  • Videocon d2h Music Active Hits
  • Videocon d2h Movies Active
  • Videocon d2h Movies Active HD
  • Videocon d2h Cine Active
  • Videocon d2h Dance Active
  • Videocon d2h Cooking Active
  • Videocon d2h Kids Active Rhymes
  • Videocon d2h Music Active Masala
  • Videocon d2h Ibadat Active
  • Videocon d2h Jyotish Duniya
  • Videocon d2h Evergreen Active Classic
  • Videocon d2h Topper
  • Videocon d2h Comedy Active
  • Videocon d2h SongDrew TV
  • Videocon d2h Fitness Active
  • Videocon d2h Thriller Active
  • Videocon d2h Rangmanch Active
  • Videocon d2h Ayushmaan Active
  • Videocon d2h Telugu Active
  • Videocon d2h Punjabi Active
  • Videocon d2h ShortsTV Active
  • Videocon d2h All VAS Pack
  • Videocon d2h Entertainment Dhamaka
  • Videocon d2h Dance Active + Music Active
  • Videocon d2h Bhakti Active + Jyotish Duniya
  • Videocon d2h Hits Active
  • Videocon d2h Korean Drama Active
  • Videocon d2h Marathi Active

Videocon d2h recharge offers today

Videocon d2h provides exclusive recharge offers on videocon dth like Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky, Dish TV, etc. If you are a videocon dth user, recharge your dth packs for a long time, then you can get extra days and cash back. Check the latest plans for your region and to know more about videocon dth recharge offer to call the videocon dth customer care number.


We are updating videocon d2h recharge plans time to time. But before recharging an amount, and validity may check with the d2h operator or visit d2h official website. You can pick the best videocon d2h recharge plans for your entertainment.


How to recharge videocon d2h?

You can recharge your d2hvideocon packs in a simple and quick way online through debit card, credit card, or net banking. There are so many other free online dth recharge apps that enable a convenient and easy way to recharge your videocondth 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week.

What is rtn in videocon d2h?

RTN means registered telephone number in videocon d2h. You get information about your d2h balance, validity, and offers through a registered telephone number. Update your rtn number with videocon d2h by calling the customer care team.

How to check videocon d2h balance through SMS?

Now you can d2h balance in a simple SMS, write BAL <Customer ID> send to 566777 or 9773467575 from Registered Telephone Number (RTN).

How to refresh videocon d2h by SMS?

You can refresh your videocon d2h account via SMS, write REF send to 566777 or 9773467575 from Registered Telephone Number (RTN).

How to add a channel in videocon d2h by call?

You can add an extra channel or addon in your videocon d2h pack. To call the videocon customer care team and request an extra channel in your pack as you need.

How to find videocon d2h customer id?

If you don’t know videocon d2h customer id, write SMS Customer ID send to 566777 or 9773467575 from Registered Telephone Number (RTN). You will get a reply message which has your customer id number.


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